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Perks of a Love Marriage


There are mainly two types of marriages in the world. They are love marriage and arranged marriage. Both may seem to be poles apart, but they aren’t. In the case of a love marriage, the couple first fall in love and then decide to get married. The couple makes their own choice. Whereas in the case of anarranged marriage, the marriageis fixed by the parents. They both have merits but the demerits are a lot more. Most of the modern people go for love marriages, keeping the following points in mind. The following points can help you make an opinion about love marriages.



In a love marriage, there is always love involved. Love is what makes a marriage last longer. Love is the strength of a marriage. You don’t need to learn to love the other person after marriage. You both are already in love and that is why you both decided to get married. In case of arranged marriages, you need to find love in the other person which may not always be possible.


The best part of love marriages is that you two already know each other before you decide to get married. Since you already know each other, you know about each other’s likes and dislikes. You both have a better understanding of each other. No one knows you better than your partner. Moreover, in love marriages, there arefewer chances of having an awkward moment. Even if you have any problem later in your marriage, you both can solve it easily as you both have a mutual understanding.

Less expensive

Love marriages are a lotcheaperthan an arranged marriage. It is because you select only a handful of people who are very close to you and your partner to attend your marriage. You can actually save more on a love marriage by cutting down extra expenditures. In a love marriage, you have full control of your marriage and thus you can plan accordingly. You can also plan for your future and you both can spend accordingly.


We have provided you with the reasons why love marriage is better. It is now your decision whether you want to go ahead with it or not. Everything is not good about love marriages. Love marriages have some bad sides too. During the marriage, you will hear some very good wedding speeches. You may hear the best maid of honor speech too.


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