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How Can Mindfulness Help?

Mindfulness is knowing or being aware of your surroundings and has control over your heart and mind. It also aims at inculcating qualities in your heart and controlling your thoughts. Mindfulness is an important quality required to practice mudita or sympathetic joy in your daily life. It helps you in getting a feeling of joy by being aware of the joy present in your surroundings and hence in order to practice mudita you must be mindful for sure.

Most people become habitual to several things in life and most of the time our reactions to certain situations or circumstances become sudden and out of habit. These automatic pilot reactions are mindless and many a time people feel sorry or repent for the words they speak or things that they do because of this mindless habits. Thus, instead of being mindless you can train your mind in order to be mindful i.e. make your innate emotional intelligence to respond freshly to situations according to your choice.

This will help you live life to the fullest and enjoy each and every moment of life as it comes to you. For example, if you hear about the success of a person whom you do not like then the sudden reaction would be to get jealous of him and feel envious. But this will make you feel sad, disheartened and depressed and will harm your own mental peace. Instead, if you remain mindful and practice sympathetic joy, then you will feel happy even in someone else’s success and thereby you can remain positive and happy.


Benefits of mindfulness:

    Helps to improve the power of mind and heart.

    You have better control over your mind and actions.

    You react to situations in an altogether different manner rather than sudden mindless reactions.

    You can be aware of joy in your surroundings and remain more joyous.

    You can easily practice mudita and other forms of meditation.

    You have a better capacity to regulate your emotions and to combat emotional dysfunctions.

    Being mindful helps to improve thinking patterns and reduce negativity in your thoughts.

    Helps in finding breakthroughs in situations where you usually get stuck.

    Helps in dealing with stress with more positivity in life and self-compassion.

    Helps to improve your personal and professional relationships.

    Create mindful goals with your strengths and values.

    Improve your physical as well as mental well being.



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