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Techniques you should follow to move your furniture    

People often move their furniture in the wrong technique which often leads to a serious accident or furniture damage. If you  move your furniture with people technique, then it is not that much hard. Today we are going to talk about some amazing technique of furniture moving. You can any time take the help of a professional moving company like http://bissigumzuege.ch/ for furniture moving. Bissig Zug is really helpful while you are thinking about furniture moving.

Move a very heavy piece of furniture

There is a simple technique for moving by lifting up a heavy and voluminous piece of furniture: the parallel string method:

It is enough to be two to realize this technique. It is very simple :

Take two medium-sized ropes and place them parallel under the heavy furniture (fridge, freezer gas stove, washing machine, ...). Each of the two persons is placed on either side of the load and seized the rope each side of the piece of furniture (the left-hand grasps the rope that protrudes to the left of the piece of furniture and the right hand the cord that protrudes to the right of the piece of furniture).

You then have to lift the furniture and place it on a small cart initially prepared or move it to another place. Go for Bissig Zug to  move your furniture.

Use the elevator of a building as a freight elevator

Some buildings have a lift . If possible, it can be used as an efficient freight elevator.

Think first to check the weight capacity that can support the elevator. As an indication, a lift with a capacity of 3 people can support up to 260 kg.

Use the elevator to mount your cartons, so you can mount them faster.

Remember to position someone at the elevator desk so they can unload the cartons quickly.

Avoid, of course, monopolizing the elevator when people need it most (morning and evening), enjoy the calm of the middle of the day to use it.

How to climb stairs with a load?

 Climbing stairs carrying a load is complicated ... Fortunately, there are simple techniques to limit the risk of falling and breakage:

First of all know that you have to be two to ride a load on a staircase, do not try alone.

The person at the bottom is the one who will have the weight of the furniture, as well as the more the furniture is heavy, the more this person must be strong. The one at the top is the one that will direct the rise of the furniture.

It is necessary to be perfectly coordinated to mount the furniture without falling. The front person must set the pace and not go too fast for the person behind. 

Also remember to always look at the steps and obstacles that may stand in front of you. Keeping an eye on the stairs is the assurance of not missing a step. This advice is especially valid for the front person who may end up walking backward...

Do not hesitate to take breaks every two floors. Indeed, if you need to reach the 6 the floor, for example, fatigue can be felt without warning. It is better to go slowly but surely. You will also save energy.






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