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Information About Genere of Game

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Different people have different taste. This applies in the gaming world also. It is very unlikely that all the people in this world will like the same game. They may differ in their opinion. Depending upon the taste of different people, various game developers have developed a game based on different genres. Currently, if you search on the internet, you will find any type of game that you wish for. The gaming world has become full of possibilities. Here, we will talk about the different genres of games which are present in the gaming community.

Real-Time Strategy

The style of This game utilizes the user to continuously change the state of the game by conducting strategy which would be beneficial to them. This game revolves around obtaining resources, production of arms and armies, building and saving your bases and in some cases defending the kings and queens. A popular game of this type is Clash of Clans. This type of games includes Starcraft, Warcraft series, Command, and Conquer etc.

Turn-based strategy

It is a subcategory of real-time strategy. The term is self-explanatory. Here turn is given to players to make their move like in case of chess. Turn-based requires excessive use of mind as you win is decided on the strategy you take and hence is more complex. Sometimes you have to make instant decisions. Some awesome games in this list include

·         Civilisation IV

·         Gladius

·         Etherlords

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG)

MMOG allow a large audience to participate in a game over the internet. In this genre, the game goes on in real time with millions of people. Each gamer gets an identity in a game. It like a virtual life you live in, with impacts that you have even when you have logged out. Unlike tradition games here the result massively depends on the other players as well.


In 4x players has to control an empire. They were popular for their complex gameplay. The concept is to emphasize technological development with military and non-military routes. Recently some gamers find it tedious in comparison to another genre.



There is freedom in choosing which game you want to play, you may either play any one of the above games or all of them. It is you who decide which game you want to play. As per me, I would advise you to go for the Hearthstone game. It is an online card game. For more advantage, you can have the heartstone boost.

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