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The not-so-silent hero behind each great movie

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The importance of movie soundtracks

Some people may wonder what the function of movie soundtracks are, some may even think that they are unnecessary and hinder the audiences from watching the movie. This concept cannot be more wrong. Movie soundtracks are a big part in making a movie. Some may even say that without proper soundtracks, there would not be any great movies. Here are some major functions of movie soundtracks. 

Setting the mood

The mood and atmosphere are essential in a movie, especially in an emotionally heavy movie. Most movies use music to set the mood of a particular scene. Good music can help to set the mood of the scene and also get recognition from audiences. Like any other art forms, movies aim to influence audiences emotionally, and music can be a great help in this part. For example, in Titanic, no doubt the song “My Heart Will Go On” set the desperate mood of that scene where Jack died. This is so iconic and successful, that this particular song has become a symbol for “dying for love”. Also, music is one of the best ways to connect people to a particular emotion. Merely using dialogues and scenes may not be enough to stir up the desired emotions and memories of audiences. As a result, movie soundtracks have to exist in order to strengthen the emotional influence of the movie. 

Filling the blanks

Sometimes in a 2-hour long movie, there would be some transitional scenes, it may be showing the landscape, or the journey of the characters. At this moment, movie soundtracks would be extra helpful. These scenes could be very boring without any background music. However, with appropriate soundtracks, not only can the transition be smoother, it can also set the mood and prepare the audiences emotionally for the next scene.

Promoting the movie

Movie theme songs can also help to promote the movie. Some catchy songs can even be a big part of the advertisement. Take “Let It Go” from “Frozen” as an example. This song is so catchy; even little kids can easily sing it. Therefore, in most of the advertisementsof the movie Frozen, the song appears as well. In the advertising world, the song is basically the symbol of the movie. This is a great example to show that how a good soundtrack can effectively help to promote a movie. 


Setting the pace

In a movie, different scenes would have difference paces. Some scenes may be more intense; some scene may be more relaxed. In order to assist the audiences to keep up with the pace in a tensely packed movie of 2 hours, music is necessary. In intense scenes, like fight scenes, the music would be more energetic and brisk. This can help to express the theme of that particular scene. As for some relaxed scene, like a family gathering or showing the landscape, the soundtrack would be more soothing. This can prevent the audiences from being distracted by the music and their emotions can also be easily stirred. 

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