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The Handy Cheese Slicer Buying Guide

Honestly, regardless of how hard you try, you cannot have a regular piece of cheese as you cut. In fact, it will the common problem if you engage knife to slice the cheese. Secondly, when you use a knife to slice the cheese, you will have some remnants on the blade that will force you to clean it over and over again before you use it to cut the next piece.

 Also, if you are planning to prepare a cheese for your friends or family coming over, naturally, the tension will increase. So, the solution to your problem is simply acquiring the best cheese slicer on the market that can make your slicing work easier. And that is by finding reliable and convenient the best cheese slicer.

A Cheese Slicing History

The previous century, a Carpenter from Holland known as Thor Bjorklund was undergoing the similar problem when he tried to cut a perfect cheese slice. But rather than keep on struggling with the same setback, he went on his shop and design the first cheese on earth.

After two years, what he invented was copied and supplied all over the world with more than 50 million pieces. Currently, if you visit your nearest grocery store probably you will spot many types of cheese slicers with different manufacturing procedures of shapes and ways.

Features to look for while purchasing a cheese slicer

The simplest way to find a good cheese slice is to purchase a packaged and pre-sliced cheese. But every cheese admirer and enthusiast knows how to get the best flavor if he personally slices the cheese.

Therefore broad range can somehow be troublesome and tricky. And also to get the perfect one for your requirement can be a difficult task as well. The first tribute is very common because you will only look for a material which consists of the cheese slicer.

Types of the Cheese Slicers

•    Wooden cheese slicer; they are typically lightweight and considered safe from bacteria.

•    Marble cheese slicer; they normally look stunning and have designing and stylish appearance. They are also durable and thick.

•    Stainless steel slicer; they typically designed with a wire that cuts cheese into regular slices. They are also durable and free-form rust.


Generally, most people think that cheese slicer should be a small, durable, versatile and reliable tool. Since it is designed with an easy construction, it should not result in dramatic flaws.










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